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Courtesy of Laughing Squid
An empty spacesuit outfitted with a radio transmitter and filled with old clothes floats free from the International Space Station in this February 2006 photo. The spacesuit, dubbed SuitSat-1, was an old Russian Orlan spacesuit intentionally released by the crew to see if old spacesuits could be turned into useful satellites.
After two 90-minute orbits the suit’s transmitter became unexpectedly weak, and it finally burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere after a few weeks of orbiting the planet.
image via ISS Expedition 12 Crew & NASA
airport Richard Serra, Toronto

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this is a photo of the AbEx painter Helen Frankenthaler and her husband, fellow artist Robert Motherwell very in love in front of perhaps her most famous painting Mountains and Sea (1952). When she died in 2011 I went to the National Gallery and sat in front of this painting for about two hours and cried until the security guard came and asked if I was okay.